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People cannot remain as materialistic, selfish people and have peace and harmony in the family, society or world.

Everyone is suffering. Everyone experiences birth, disease, old age and death. Everyone experiences fear, loneliness, emptiness, confusion, mental agitation, and heartache.

Material information gets old. Spiritual knowledge is ever fresh. The more you sincerely hear transcendental knowledge, the deeper your realizations become.

It is unfortunate that people are attracted to the beauty of this world that is not real – it shrivels and dies.

Anger is born out of lust; and lust is the result of contemplation of the senses on material objects.

Proud people lack tolerance for people whom they consider lower.

One must be able to forgive others especially for offenses against himself.

Diplomacy and duplicity, which are opposites of sincerity, do not get a person anywhere in spiritual life.

Due to the desire for sense pleasures, people try to conquer nature but end up destroying the world.

Lust is a manifestation of inner spiritual hunger. The attempt to satisfy spiritual hunger in sense pleasure is due to ignorance.

Real love between people has become so rare that people don’t even know what it is.

Like the swans, which drink only the pure nectar of the blooming lotus flower, the liberated souls drink only at the fountain of transcendental love.

Perfection means being in tune with reality. The first thing we must understand is reality – the reality of my identity i.e. my essence, position and function. Who am I?

Common in each of us, among other things, is the desire for peace. But this is not possible as long as we are not recognizing the fact that each of us is equal. If we do not see beyond the body, we will not see our absolute equality.

Economic and spiritual well-being can and must go hand in hand. A yoga master is not against material prosperity or development, but sees it in the correct context.

If there is understanding of the difference between the body and the soul then, just as we don’t neglect to supply the physical with food, similarly, we don’t live in the illusion that our inner craving or emptiness can be satisfied by endless material consumption.

The mind is intricately linked to the brain, just as the brain is linked to the rest of the body. The mind is also intricately linked to you, the self. The mind (and the intelligence) connect you to the brain and thus to the rest of the body.

Mankind doesn’t own the lower or higher species of life. If there is no self in the body, then there is no reason not to treat that body—human or otherwise—the same as we treat any other composition of matter. If there is no self in the body, then there...

Modern no-self philosophers say that when the gross body is finished, the illusion of the self ceases. The Buddhists claim that the mind is different from the gross body, and that the mind continues to exist even after the gross body has died.

Some of the characteristics that matter displays when life is present include metabolism, thermodynamically unstable composition, internal growth, a highly organized and sophisticated flow of matter, the potential for reproduction...