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Brain and Mind Connection

The mind is intricately linked to the brain, just as the brain is linked to the rest of the body. The mind is also intricately linked to you, the self. The mind (and the intelligence) connect you to the brain and thus to the rest of the body.

Respect for Life

Mankind doesn’t own the lower or higher species of life. If there is no self in the body, then there is no reason not to treat that body—human or otherwise—the same as we treat any other composition of matter. If there is no self in the body, then there...

Buddhism and Question of Identity

Modern no-self philosophers say that when the gross body is finished, the illusion of the self ceases. The Buddhists claim that the mind is different from the gross body, and that the mind continues to exist even after the gross body has died.

Symptoms of Life in a Microorganism

Some of the characteristics that matter displays when life is present include metabolism, thermodynamically unstable composition, internal growth, a highly organized and sophisticated flow of matter, the potential for reproduction...