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Chapter 2 (Part 2)

  1. By command of God first the source of Sri Ananta,
    Nityananda-Rama, appeared in Rahr.
  2. On the auspicious thirteenth day of the bright fortnight of the month of Magh,
    In the womb of Padmavati, in the village named Ekchaka.
  3. Hadai Pandit was the best and purest of Brahman,
    Him the original Parent of all vouchsafe to have as progenitor.
  4. The ocean of mercy, bestower of devotion, Lord Balaram,
    Coming into this world, bore the name of Nityananda.
  5. At his nativity the gods uttered unobserved
    Great triumphal shouts, showered flowers;
  6. And from that day over all the regions of Rahr,
    The choicest blessings began fast to multiply.
  7. The Lord, in the garb of super ascetic
    Wandered over the world, delivering the fallen.
  8. And thus Ananta manifested Himself.
    Listen now how Krishna made His appearance.
  9. In Nabadvipa dwelt Jagannath the best of Misras.
    Zealous, like Vasudeva Himself, in performing spiritual duties;
  10. He was the ideal Brahman, of a most generous disposition;
    There is nothing to compare him with;-
  11. Even as Kasyap, Dasarath, Vasudeva, Nanda -
    The embodiment of all purest spirits - was blessed Jagannath Misra.
  12. His wife, named Sachi, most devotedly loyal to her husband,
    The mother of all the world, was incarnate devotion of Vishnu.
  13. After several daughters had left this world
    Their only surviving child was a son, the great Bisvarup.
  14. The figure of Bisvarup was as that of the god of love himself
    Whose sight gladdened the hearts of the Brahman and his wife.
  15. From very birth Bisvarup was unattached to the world,
    And while still a child he know well all the Scriptures.
  16. The whole world was absolutely void of devotion to Vishnu,
    The very first quarter showed all the symptoms of degeneracy of the maturity of the Age of evil.
  17. When dharma disappears the Lord becomes Incarnate
    Apprised of the sufferings of His devotees
  18. Wherefore the Supreme Lord Gaurachandra.
    Did now enter the forms of Sachi and Jagannath.
  19. The mouths of Ananta uttered words of glory,
    Which, as in a dream, we're heard by Jagannath Misra and Sachi.
  20. And the two shone as fiery energy incarnate
    Withal unperceived by any.
  21. Knowing that the Lord Himself is to appear in the world
    Brahma, Siva and others came down and worshipped Him with prayers.
  22. These facts are the highest of the hidden truths of the Vedas;
    Of this, regarded from all points of view, there is no doubt.
  23. Listen devoutly to the prayers of Brahma and the other gods;
    By hearing which one attains inclination and attachment for Krishna:-
  24. "All glory to the Supreme Lord, the Father of all!
    All glory to His Incarnation for the purpose of Samkirtan!
  25. "All glory to the Protector of the Scriptures, religion, devotees and Brahmans!
    All glory to the great Destroyer, the Subduer of the ungodly!
  26. "All glory to the Embodiment of all Truth!
    All glory to the Absolute Lord of all the great gods.
  27. "Even Thou - Who art the abode of infinite billions of world's -
    Manifestest Thyself in holy Sachi's womb.
  28. "What Thou willest who is able to understand?
    Creation, maintenance and destruction of the world are Thy pastimes.
  29. "Does He by Whose will all world is dissolved
    Lack power to destroy Kamsa or Ravana by His fiat
  30. "Yet in the families of Vasudeva and Dasarath
    The Lord Himself appearing destroyed them.
  31. "Thus Thou art, Thy purpose who can understand?
    Thyself alone knowest Thy own mind.
  32. "By Thy command every single servant of Thine
    An infinite number of world's can deliver;
  33. Even yet Thy own self, to bless this world,
    Becoming Incarnate teachest all religions.
  34. "In the Satya age assuming the white color
    Thou teachest ascetic's duties practicing them Thyself -
  35. "Wearing the skin of the black antelope,
    The ascetic's staff, kamandula and braids,
    As Brahmachary Thou establishest the religion.
  36. In the Treta Age wearing the beauty of red complexion.
    As sacrificer Thou teachest the religion of Yajna -
  37. "With the sruk and the sruba in hand, in the garb of Sacrificer,
    Practicing Thyself, induces all to adopt the Sacrifice.
  38. "In the Dvapara age wearing the Divine color of blue clouds
    Thou teachest the religion of ritualistic worship of every household -
  39. "In yellow robes, bearing Thy own insignia the sribatsa etc.
    As a great sovereign Thou worshippest Thyself.
  40. "In the Kali Age, of yellow color, as a Brahman,
    Thou teachest the religion of Samkirtan that is hidden in the Scriptures.
  41. “How infinite are Thy manifestations!
    Who is able to tell?
  42. “At the Deluge, as Fish Thou dost sport in the water;
    In the form of the Tortoise Thou art the support of all jivas;
  43. “As Hayagriva Thou restorest the Vedas;
    Destroyest the two primal demons, Madhu and Kaitava;
  44. “Liftest the world in the form of the holy Boar;
    In the form of the Man-lion tearest Hiranya;
  45. “In the strange form of Dwarf Thou outwit’st Bali;
    As Parasu-Rama rootest out all the kshatriyas from the earth;
  46. “Thou slayest Ravana in the form of Ramachandra;
    As Wielder of the plough Thou dost indulge in infinite sports;
  47. “As Buddha Thou makest manifest the religion of mercy;
    In the Form of Kalki Thou destroyest the mlechchas;
  48. “Thou bestowest the nectar as Dhanvantari
    To Brahma and others as Hansa Thou teachest the Truth;
  49. “As Sri-Narada Thou singest on the bina;
    As Vyasa expoundest the Truth regarding Thyself;-
  50. “And resplendant with the glory and potency of all manifestations,
    Thou sportest in many diverse ways as Krishna in Gokula.
  51. “As Devotees, in this present Incarnation,
    Displaying all Thy Sakti Thou wilt sing Samkirtan:
  52. “The whole world will be filled with Samkirtan
    And the loving devotion to God will spread to every household.
  53. “How describe the manifestation of the joy of the world!
    Even Thyself wilt dance with all Thy servants!
  54. “Those who at all time contemplate Thy lotus feet
    Have power to deliver from all evil:
  55. “The tread of their feet rids the earth of her ills,
    The glance of their eyes purifies the ten directions,
  56. “By their dance with lifted hands, the perils of heaven are averted:
    Such is Thy glory, such the dance and Thy servants.
  57. “By his two feet the ills of the earth, by his eyes those of every direction,
    by his lifted hands those of heaven -
    All evils are in diverse ways uprooted,
    O King, by the dance of the devotee of Krishna.
  58. “Thyself, O Lord, becoming visible in this world
    In the company of Thy kindred of devotees wilt preach love
    by means of Samkirtan.
  59. “Such glory of Thine who has power to describe?
    Even devotion to Vishnu which is bid in the Vedas Thou wilt give freely away!
  60. “Thou concealest devotion bestowing freedom from misery in its stead!
    Its attainment is the high hope cherished by such as we;-
  61. “This supreme gift Thou, the Sovereign of the world, wilt freely bestow,
    There is no reason but Thy mercy alone prompts such favour.
  62. “By the utterance of whose Name all sacrifice is fulfilled -
    Even Thou, O Lord, art Incarnate at Nabadvip.
  63. “Have mercy, O Lord, vouchsafe this favour,
    So may we have the fortune of witnessing it.
  64. “After long delay the wish of the Ganges is fulfilled:
    Thou wilt sport in her stream is the desire eternally cherished by her.
  65. Of Whom the greatest yogis have a glimpse in their meditations,
    Even the Lord Himself will become visible in the village of Nabadvipa.
  66. “Make we also our obeisance to Nabadvipa
    Where in the house of Sachi and Jagannath the Lord is Incarnate.”
  67. In such wise Brahma and the gods themselves unobserved,
    With prayers daily worshipped the Lord.
  68. The Container of all the worlds abode in Sachi’s womb
    Till the glory of the full moon day of the month of Falgun
    dawned upon the world.
  69. The choicest blessings of the boundless universe.
    Were all merged together into the splendour of that bright eve.
  70. And with Samkirtan the Lord appeared
    As He Himself made known under pretence of eclipse.
  71. God’s Providence who has power to comprehend?
    It was God’s will that the moon was obscured.
  72. Over all Nabadvipa the people saw the eclipse,
    And on all sides arose the auspicious chant of the kirtan of Sri Hari
  73. Millions of people hastened to bathe in the Ganges,
    And, as they ran, shouted incessantly ‘Say Hari’.
  74. There was such chanting of the Name of Hari over all Nadia
    That the sound filled and overflowed the Universe.
  75. All the devotees listened to the sound unheard before,
    All of them said, ‘May there be eclipse at all time’.
  76. And all said, “This day such great joy I feel
    It seems as if Krishna Himself has appeared”.
  77. All the devotees came out for bathing in the Ganges.
    There was incessant chanting of the Name of Hari in all directions.
  78. The young and the old, women, the good and the bad.
    All repeatedly cried ‘Hari’ on seeing the eclipse.
  79. “Say Hari”, “Say Hari” - were the only words to be heard,
    The chant of the Name of Hari encompassed the globe of the universe.
  80. The gods showered flowers in all directions,
    And all the while celestial drums beat triumphal melody.
  81. Such was the time when the Life of all the world,
    Holy Sachi’s Darling, appeared.


  1. The moon was eclipsed,
    The ocean of the holy Name was manifest
    The banners of victory over discord waved high,

    The Lord Himself appeared,
    All the fourteen world's
    Sent up a universal acclamation of praise.
  2. At sight of Gauranga-chandra
    All grief of the people of Nadia vanished
    And joy grew apace every day.
  3. The drums beat,
    A hundred conches blew,
    Sounded the flute and horn.

    Sri Chaitanya Thakur
    And Nityananda Prabhu
    Sings Brindabandas.


  1. Brighter than the sun
    Is the beautiful holy Form
    The eye cannot look upon,
    The wide eyes
    Are slightly arched
    Nothing that I know is like them.
  2. This day Gauranga has come
    Within reach of this world
    The four quarters are filled with delight;

    One universal chant of Hari
    Fills all space to the seat of the Lord,
    Verily Gauranga-chand has appeared.
  3. Resplendent with sandal-paste
    Is the broad Bosom
    Across it waves the garland of wild flowers;

    Like the cool moon
    Is the sphere of the Holy Face,
    The great Arms extend to the Knee.
  4. Gazing on Chaitanya
    All the world praises,-
    There is universal jubilation;

    Some dance,
    Some sing,
    Discord alone is grieved amid the joy.
  5. Set on the head of the four Vedas
    Chaitanya is the crown of glory
    Ignorant sinners do not know;

    Sri Chaitanya-chandra
    And Nitai Thakur
    Sings Brindabandas


  1. Gaur-chandra appears,
    The ten quarters rejoice.
  2. His loveliness surpasses millionfold the beauty of cupids;
    He laughs hearing the chant of Himself.
  3. Very, very sweet are His face and eyes,
    Showing all signs of the Sovereign paramount:
  4. The holy feet are marked with the flag and the bolt,
    Every limb captivating the minds of all the world.
  5. All dangers have fled afar,
    All the blessings stand manifest.
  6. Sri Chaitanya is the life of Nityananda,
    Brindabandas sings His praise.



  1. Of the Incarnation of Chaitanya
    The gods heard,
    There was high jubilation, O,
    Beholding His beautiful face,
    That relieves from all trouble,
    All were distracted with joy,O.
  2. Ananta, Brahma, Siva,
    And all the gods,
    Assuming the human form, O,
    Sang 'Hari, Hari',
    Under the pretence of eclipse,
    None could detect, O.
  3. In the ten directions
    Ran all people at Nadia
    With loud cries of 'Hari, Hari', O.
    Gods and men intermingling,
    Joined in gaiety,
    Filling Nabadvipa with gladness, O.
  4. In the yard of Sachi’s house,
    All the gods
    Fell prostate in adoration, O.
    In the darkness of the eclipse,
    No one noticed them,
    Difficult to know are the pastimes of Chaitanya, O.
  5. Some chanted hymns of praise,
    Some held the umbrella,
    And some waved the whisk, O;
    In high ecstacy,
    Some threw flowers,
    Some danced, sang, made music, O.
  6. With all His devotees
    Gour Hari came
    Atheists knew nothing, O;
    The sweet glory of Sri Krishna-Chaitanya
    And Lord Nityananda
    Sings Brindabandas.


  1. The drums and trumpet
    Auspicious triumphal measures
    Discourse sweetly, O.
    This day we meet Him
    Who is beyond the ken of the Vedas
    There is no time for delay, O.
  2. The Abode of the Immortals is full of joy
    And auspicious tumult
    With the bustle of preparation, O.
    By great good has chanced
    That Chaitanya
    Is manifest at Nabadvipa, O.
  3. There is mutual embracings
    And incessant kissings,
    No one feels ashamed, O,
    For joy at the birth
    Of the Price of Nadia
    Friend and foe are joined together, O.
  4. In such pleasure
    The gods hie to Nabadvipa,
    Hear the Name of Hari on all sides, O,
    Touched by Gaur’s sweetness
    All are distracted and subdued,
    And sing, “All glory to Chaitanya” O.
  5. They see in Sachi’s house
    Like millions of moons in conjunction, O;
    Assuming the forms of men,
    Under the pretence of eclipse,
    The gods chant aloud the Name of Hari, O.
  6. Served by all His consorts
    Gaurachandra comes
    The atheist knows nothing, O,
    Sri Chaitanya is the life
    Of Nityananda-chand
    Whose sweet glory sings Brindabandas, O!
Here ends the second chapter entitled ‘the description of the birth of Sri Gaurchandra’ in the Part First of Sri Chaitanya Bhagabat.