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Chapter 1 (Part 3)

  1. The limit of the material power of Purusha I do not know, neither do the munis born thy elders; The primal god, thousand-mouthed Shesha, who is ever singing the praise, Up till now has failed to reach the bounding shore of those qualities.
  2. Such is the Lord, the possessor of greatest power, self regulated,
    Who abideth in rasatal for maintenance of the world.
  3. Narada himself, appearing in the assembly of Brahma,
    The praise of whose qualities, sings to the accompaniment of his lute tumburu.
  4. Listening to praise Brahma and the gods are convulsed;
    For singing it Narada is revered everywhere.
  5. Ever so little write I of the power of Ananta;
    For such Lord Nityananda may all have most loving regard.
  6. Getting across the world, who-so-ever desires
    Immersion in the ocean of devotion, let him worship Nitaichand.
  7. This the desire of my heart at the feet of Vaishnavas -
    In each successive birth may I serve Lord Balaram
  8. The difference between dvija, bipra and brahman is merely one of name;
    Even such is the difference between Nityananda, Ananta and Baladeva.
  9. The knower of the inmost mind Nityananda said in sportive mood
    In the form of a book to indite this brief narrative of the deeds of Chaitanya .
  10. By whose grace the deeds of Chaitanya manifest themselves, -
    On the tip of Shesha’s tongue is placed the treasury of Praise.
  11. Whence is Ananta embodiment of all Praise,
    Whose twin lotus feet I unworthily have sung.
  12. The deeds of Chaitanya Chandra that sanctify all who hear,
    Are manifested by the special favour of the devotees, this know ye as certain.
  13. Who ever knows the deeds of Chaitanya that are hidden in the Veda ?
    I only write as I have heard from the lips of devotees.
  14. I see no beginning nor end of the deeds of Chaitanya;
    In the manner He empowers so I write.
  15. As by magic dolls of wood are made to dance,
    Even so Gaurachandra makes me speak.
  16. Let me do obeisance at the feet of all Vaishnavas,
    That I commit no offence through this.
  17. Brother, with an attentive mind hear the story of Sree Chaitanya,
    Of the transcendent deeds He performed at each place in company of His devotees;
  18. The threefold lila of Chaitanya, the abode of joy,
    Named the First, the Middle and the Last part.
  19. In the first part, mainly the display of learning;
    In the middle part, manifestation of the kirtan of Chaitanya;
  20. In the last part, residence at Nilachal as Sannyasin,
    To Nityananda’s charge making over the land of Gauda.
  21. In Nabadvipa dwelt Jagannath, the best of Misras,
    Skilled, like Vasudeva himself, in performing the spiritual duties,
  22. His wife, named Sachi, of exceeding loyalty to her husband,
    The mother of all the world, was just like Devaki.
  23. From her womb Narayana appeared on this earth,
    Bearing the Name of Sree Krishna Chaitanya, the ornament of the world.
  24. In the first part, the descent of the Supreme Lord into this world,
    Becoming manifest at night during eclipse, on the auspicious full moon day of
    the month of Falgun.
  25. On all sides arose the auspicious chant of the Name of Hari,
    The advent of the Lord was ushered by sankirtan.
  26. In the first part, His manifestation as child were many,
    To the view of father and mother He disclosed His abode that is hidden.
  27. In the first part, the wondrous signs of banner, bolt, goad and staff,
    The parents saw inside the house.
  28. In the first part, thieves stole the Lord;
    The Lord deluding them returned home.
  29. In the first part, at the house of Jagadish Hiranya
    The Lord ate up the offering on Sree Hari’s day.
  30. In the first part, crying, as is the wont of a child,
    Forced all mouths to utter the kirtan of Sree Hari.
  31. In the first part, seated on the top of refuse un-touchable earthen pots,
    The Lord Himself spoke the Truth to His mother.
  32. In the first part, Gauranga’s turbulence knew no bounds,
    In the company of children sportive as in Gokul.
  33. In the first part, His schooling began;
    With little effort He became the Professor in all shastras.
  34. In the first part, departure of Jagannath Misra to the other world,
    And Bishvarup’s renunciation of the world, the two bereavements of Sachi.
  35. In the first part, high beginning of the display of learning;
    The God-less beheld Him as incarnate arrogance.
  36. In the first part, all His pupils forming the party,
    Reckless sporting in the water of Jahnavi.
  37. In the first part, the glorious triumphs of Gauranga in all the shastras;
    None in all three worlds dared confront Him.
  38. In the first part, the Lord’s auspicious progress to Bangadesh,
    The eastern land was blessed bearing the beautiful feet of the Lord.
  39. In the first, the previous consort’s demise;
    With the daughter of Raj-pandit later wedding.
  40. In the first, under pretext of nervous malady,
    The Lord exhibited all the perturbations of loving devotion to God.
  41. In the first part, infusing power into all His devotees,
    Himself went about as a renowned Pandit.
  42. In the first part, richest attire, heavenly bliss,
    Beholding the moon-like face of the Lord Sachi was afloat on the tide of happiness.
  43. In the first part, Gauranga’s victory over the vanquisher of all Pandit,
    All whose bonds in the end the Lord did destroy.
  44. In the first part, perplexing the judgment of all devotees,
    Deluding all, in their midst, the Lord did freely move about.
  45. In the first part, the great Biswambhar made His way to Gaya,
    Where to Isvara Puri He showed mercy.
  46. In the first part, how infinite are the manifestations;
    The great muni Vyasa a small portion will hereafter narrate.
  47. All the manifestations, beginning with the transcendent activities of childhood,
    To the end of the sojourn to Gaya, are of the first part,
  48. In the middle part, Gaurasingha was recognised;
    Then knew Him all who bee-like clung to His lotus feet.
  49. In the middle part, in the apartments of Sreebas.
    In the prescence of Advaita and others, the Lord became visible seated on Vishnu’s throne.
  50. In the middle part, the meeting of the Lord with Nityananda,
    Together the two brothers performed Kirtan.
  51. In the middle part, Nityananda had the sight of the ‘six-armed’,
    In the middle part, Advaita beheld the cosmic manifestation.
  52. In the middle part, I tell of Nityananda’s worship of Vyasha, -
    The Lord whom sinful pashandis revile.
  53. In the middle part, Gaurachandra became Haladhar;
    In His hands Nityananda placed the plough and the mace.
  54. In the middle part, deliverance of two great sinners,
    Named Jagai and Madhai of worldwide fame.
  55. In the middle part, mother Sachi beheld Krishna and Rama -
    Chaitanya and Nitai of blue and white forms.
  56. In the middle part, the manifestation of the greatness of Chaitanya’s power;
    The diversion of the display of power was exhibited through seven praharas.
  57. On that day the Lord spoke without reserve,
    At which place each of His servants had appeared.
  58. In the middle part, Narayana of Vaikuntha danced,
    And Himself sang Kirtan at each town.
  59. In the middle part, the Lord smote Kazi’s pride,
    Putting forth His own power of never-ending Kirtan.
  60. The Kazi obtained the boon of devotion from Lord Gauranga,
    And Kirtan was freely performed in all towns
  61. In the middle part, Mahaprabhu assuming the form of the boar,
    With a thundering voice to Murari told the truth about Himself.
  62. In the middle part, The Lord climbed on Murari’s shoulder,
    Being four-armed, roamed about the yard of his house.
  63. In the middle part, the Lord ate Suklambar’s raw rice,
    Narayana assumed many different forms in the middle part.
  64. In the middle part, apparelled as Rukmini,
    Narayana danced and the devotees sucked at His breast.
  65. In the middle part, Mukunda’s punishment for the sin of evil association,
    On whom in the end the Lord most pleased bestowed His mercy.
  66. In the middle part, The Lord performed Kirtan whole nights without interval,
    For the period of one full year, at Nabadvipa,
  67. In the middle part, the pastimes of Nityananda and Advaita,
    Enacted towards each other, seemed to the ignorant as malicious strife.
  68. In the middle part, by making an example of His mother,
    The Lord warned against the sin of offending Vaishnabas.
  69. In the middle part, all Vaishnabas each by himself,
    By hymns of praise, obtained the desired boon.
  70. In the middle part, Haridas received the special favour of the Lord;
    Drank Sreedhar’s water displaying pity.
  71. In the middle part, taking all the Vaishnabas with Himself,
    The Lord sported daily in the water of Jahnavi in joyous mood.
  72. In the middle part, in the company of Nityananda,
    Gaurachandra went on a visit to the house of Advaita for a certain purpose.
  73. In the middle part, the Lord heavily punished Advaita,
    Most terrible in wrath and showed him mercy in the end.
  74. In the middle part, Murarigupta most fortunate,
    Came to know that Chaitanya and Nitai are Krishna and Rama.
  75. In the middle part, Chaitanya and Nitai the two Lords,
    Danced together in the house of Sreebas.
  76. In the middle part, making the mouth of the dead child of Sreebas,
    Discourse the doctrine of jiva, relieved the father’s grief.
  77. By the grace of Chaitanya Sreebas Pandit.
    Forgot to mourn his dead child, this is known to the whole world.
  78. In the middle part, experiencing sorrow the Lord cast Himself into the Ganges;
    Nityananda and Haridas rescued and brought Him back.
  79. In the middle part, the leavings of the Lord’s meal,
    Hardly obtainable by Brahma, Narayani alone did obtain.
  80. In the middle part, for the purpose of Saving all jivas.
    The Lord went forth on the path of sannyas.
  81. Beginning with Kirtan and ending in sannyas,
    These are the manifestations of the middle part.
  82. In the middle part, there are infinite crores of lila;
    All which Vedavyasa will describe.
  83. In the last part, Bishwambhar accepted sannyas;
    Then was first revealed the Name of Sree Krishna Chaitanya.
  84. In the last part, hearing of the Lord’s tonsure,
    Lord Advaita cried very much.
  85. In the last part, Sachi’s grief no words can express,
    The lives of them all were preserved by the power of Chaitanya,
  86. In the last part, Nityananda broke,
    The ascetic’s staff of Chaitanya, - most violent is Balaram.
  87. In the last part, Gaurachandra making His way to Nilachal,
    There did abide, curiously hiding Himself.
  88. Jestingly at first behaving to Sarbabhauma,
    To Sarbabhauma in the end made visible the six-armed Form.
  89. In the last part, the deliverance of Prataparudra;
    The Lord took up His abode in Kashimisra’s house.
  90. In the last part, the Lord was attended by the two servitors,
    Damodarsvarup and Paramanandapuri.
  91. In the last part, the Lord did come again into Gaudadesh,
    In deep ecstasy longing for the sight Mathura.
  92. On arrival the Lord stayed at Vidya Vachaspati’s house;
    There from the Lord came into the town of Kulia.
  93. Infinite arbuds of people went out to see the Lord;
    In the last part, all jivas obtained salvation.
  94. In the last part, the Lord began to journey towards Madhupuri,
    Having gone some distance on the way the Lord retraces His steps.
  95. In the last part, the Lord came again to Nilachal,
    In the constant company of His devotees tumultuously noisy with Krishnatalk.
  96. Sending Nityanandaswarup to Gaudadesh,
    The Lord stayed at Nilachal with several followers.
  97. In the last part, in front of the car of Jagannath in the company of His devotees,
    Danced the Lord Himself as Him pleased.
  98. In the last part, Gaur-Rai went to Setubhanda;
    By way of Jharikhanda journeyed a second time to Mathura.
  99. In the last part, the deliverance of Ramananda-Rai;
    There was many a pastime at Mathura in the last part.
  100. In the last part, the magnanimous Sree Gaursundar,
    The Supreme Lord, made Himself known to Dabirkhash.
  101. Knowing the Lord, the bondage of the two brothers was unloosed,
    In the end the Lord named them Rupa and Sanatana.
  102. In the last part, Gaurachandra went to Baranashi,
    There the sannyasis all given to blasphemy missed the sight of the Lord.
  103. In the last part, the Lord returned again to Nilachal,
    There He practised the sankirtan of Hari all day and night.
  104. In the last part, for some days Nityananda
    With the honey of his travels did sprinkle this earth.
  105. The behaviour of Ananta none can understand;
    With anklets on the feet He roamed over all Mathura.
  106. In the last part, by command of Chaitanya,
    Nityananda gave away the boon of devotion in the village of Panihati.
  107. In the last part, the foremost leader of kirtan,
    Out of great pity effected the deliverance of the Banikas.
  108. In the last part, Gaurachandra, supreme Lord of Lords,
    Resided at Nilachal for eighteen years.
  109. In the last part, the infinite displays of Chaitanya
    Vedavasya is eternally engaged in describing.
  110. In any and every way to sing the glory of Chaitanya
    Gives greatest pleasure to Nityananda, to which no bounds are set.
  111. May Lord Gaurachandra allow me to serve
    The feet of Nityananda, the Lord who upholds the world.
  112. This is the thread of the story briefly spoken
    Wherewith begin I the three parts of the narrative.
  113. Brother, listen now with undivided attention the story of the first part,
    How Sree Chaitanya made His appearance in this world.
  114. Sree Krishna Chaitanya, life of Nityananda,
    At Whose Feet sings Brindabandas.
Here ends the first chapter of the first part of Sree Chaitanya Bhagabat entitled ‘the description of the thread of lila’.