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Chapter 1

Summary:- The chapter constitutes the brief introduction to the subject. In the five opening verses which are in Sanskrit obeisance is made to Sree Chaitanya, Nityananda and the devotees of Vishnu. This is followed by the Mangalacharana (auspicious act in the beginning for the success of the work) in which the obeisance to the devotee takes precedence of that to Chaitanyachandra Himself then comes the obeisance to Nityananda the tutelary Divinity of the author, His grace is recognised as the source of the author’s inspiration in the undertaking which is beyond the capacity of mortals. In this connection Nityananda tattva (the truth about Nityananda) is established and elaborated. The chapter concludes with a succinct enumeration of the transcendent activities of Gaursundar and ends as in the case of every subsequent chapter, with a declaration of the author’s dependence on the grace of Nityananda. The attitude is that of resigned humility.

The lila (transcendent activities) of Sree Chaitanya has been decided into three separate parts. The first part Adikhanda is devoted mainly to the display of His learning. In the middle part Madhyakhanda is described the display of ‘kirtan’(preaching). The last part Antyakhanda chiefly deals with the preaching of Sreenam (Holy Name) in the garb of ascetic during His residence of Nilachal (Puri).

  1. With arms extending to the knee of colour yellow like that of gold, the only two progenitors of the Sankirtan (1), with wide eyes resembling the lotus flower, the two Protectors of the world, the two Supremes of the twice-born, the two Divine fosterers of yuga-dharma (2) Make I obeisance to the Twin, the Benefactors of the world, the Embodiments of the Divine Pity.
  2. Obeisance to the Existent in the three-fold time, son of Jagannath. Obeisance to thee with Thy servants, sons and consorts.
  3. Appearing in the world, with mercy, of average human Form, Ever Existent Lords, Sree Krishna Chaitanya and Nitynanda, the two Brothers I do worship.
  4. Glory to Him, of tempered prowess, bright as gold, with lotus-wide eyes, with six arms reaching to the exquisite knee, diversely dancing to perfection replete with mellow devotion.
  5. All Glory to Divine Krishna Chaitanya Chandra, All Glory to His deeds That are eternal and holy. All Glory to the servant of the Lord of the Universe, All Glory to the Dance of all His beloved.
  6. In the beginning at the feet of Sree Chaitanya’s loved followers My prostrated obeisances I make in endless ways.
  7. Then I bow to Sree Krishna Chaitanya, the Great Lord, Who appearing in Nabadvipa bore the Name of Bisvambhar.
  8. ‘The worship paid to My devotees is higher than Mine’, the selfsame Lord didst affirm in the Vedas and the Bhagabata.
  9. ‘I hold as higher in every way the worship that is paid to My devotees,
  10. Wherefore have I in the beginning offered my homage to His devotees; thus augurs it well for the success of the undertaking.
  11. Obeisance to the cherished Divinity of my worship, Nityanandarai, By whose Grace the glorious deeds of Chaitanya manifest themselves.
  12. Obeisance to Lord Balaram with a thousand Faces, Whose thousand Mouths are the abode of the glorious deeds of Krishna.

(1) Congregational preaching by the devotees
(2) Divine dispensation for the age.

(To be continued)